A Shabbaton is a weekend retreat that brings together teens from all over the region to one central location for a fun filled and educational weekend.

NCSY is one of the few places where kids from religiously observant homes, and kids who have never even had a Bar/Bat Mitzvah, can join together for a wonderfully inspiring experience. Each weekend has a theme such as: Israel, Prayer, Jewish Leadership or Character Development. We also have amazing trips and activities that are scheduled throughout the entire event. Lifetime friendships are made while a passion for Judaism is developed in a positive, safe and healthy environment. 

Both Senior (grades 9-12) and Junior (grades 6-8) NCSY have approximately 3 Shabbatons per school year (Fall, Winter and Spring). Transportation is provided by the local chapter to the host city. All activities, meals and learning sessions are included in the Shabbaton fee (scholarships are available - speak to your local Chapter Director). All Shabbatons are well staffed (there is a 1 to 5 staff participant ratio), and every effort is made to accommodate all of our participants needs. A suggested packing list can be found below.

The average Shabbaton starts Thursday night (Friday afternoon for Junior NCSY) and concludes Sunday at noon. The Senior NCSY Spring Regional Convention (Memorial Day Weekend) begins Friday morning and concludes Monday at noon. Contact your local Chapter Director for exact pick up and drop off times and locations.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact your local chapter director
or call the regional office at 888-471-4514

Suggested Packing List:

2 changes of weekday wear
2 changes of Shabbat wear (dressy shirts and slacks for boys and tops and skirts or dresses for girls)
Dress shoes
Casual shoes (i.e. sneakers…)
Large Towel
Face Towel
Sleeping Bag
Petty cash ($10-$20)
Bagged lunch or dinner for bus

NCSY is the youth movement of the Orthodox Union